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New widget and a fix for empty widget titles

April 5th, 2007 · No Comments

I had been using the widget included with the [widgets
distribution]( to produce the “my” section in the sidebar. Today I discovered that also provides a [javascript
snippet]( that you can include to
produce exactly the same output, so I have disabled the
plugin and inserted the javascript in a new Text widget.

The problem? The code produces a title for the list (you
can specify an empty title, but if I did that, for some reason the
list appeared empty as well), but if I left the empty title in the
Text widget, an ugly empty title bar appeared. Of course, [someone has
already figured out the
solution](, which is a very simple
modification to the code of the text widget. Happy again!

I also noticed that can automatically do a daily post of
new links to your blog. Maybe I will try that next, to replace the
[postalicious plugin]( which I have
been using to produce my [Linky
posts]( Postalicious
works very nicely, but the less moving pieces I have to maintain, the
better :-)

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