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Call Me Fishmeal.: iPhone App Store: Let the Market Decide – Nice article about the Apple App Store, censorship of applications, and how Apple could solve most problems without resorting to censorship. (tags: apple interesting osx iphone appstore )

The awareness test – Very nicely done video to test your awareness to things going on around you. (tags: ad cool fun interesting video )

JOURNEY OF MANKIND – The Peopling of the World – Really interesting animation showing the origins and spread of the human race in the planet. (tags: cool education evolution history interesting mankind visualization )

KDD Cup '99 dataset (Network Intrusion) considered harmful (KDnuggets News 07:18, item 4, Features) – Good summary (with references) of the deficiencies of the DARPA/LL intrusion detection dataset, from which the KDD'99 data set was also derived. (tags: datasets ids intrusion-detection kdd machinelearning )
Peter Callesen – Really impressive works of art (I particularly like the paper cuts, but there are other things there as well) (tags: art cool creativity interesting papercraft performance pictures sculpture )