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Entries from May 2007

Swiss “Web check-in” page – Potentially useful for the next Swiss flight… (tags: swiss switzerland airline airtravel tools )

Rails API with the AJAX flavor – AJAX-powered browser for Rails documentation. (tags: rubyonrails ruby reference documentation programming ) – The Global Broadband Speed Test – A very nice (visually) connectivity speed test (tags: flash tools internet speed test connectivity networking )

YouTube – South Park Mac vs. PC – A spoof of the “Mac vs PC” ads, with South Park characters. (tags: humor southpark mac pc ad spoof flash video )

New Password Complexity Policy – Reminds me of some real password policies I know… (tags: humor security password )


May 3rd, 2007 · 2 Comments

I have seen one of my favorite online comics, xkcd, mentioned several times today, because of the Online Communities comic. xkcd is a great mix of geekiness, math, computer science, romance and weirdness, and has many great comics. As far as maps go, there’s also the Map of the Internet. Some of my favorites are [...]

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