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CopperExport for iPhoto is a plugin for iPhoto 4 through 7 which allows you to export pictures directly into a Coppermine gallery. It works with Coppermine 1.3.x and 1.4.x.

Click on the screenshot to the right to see a larger version.

I would love to hear from you if you find it useful, if you find something that does not work properly, or if you have any other comments or suggestions. See the email address at the bottom of this document, or visit the forums.

See the ChangeLog below for a detailed list of changes. I also post updates periodically in my blog, with the CopperExport tag.


Current version: CopperExport-0.5.0.dmg, released on October 24th, 2007. This release is a universal binary.

Older versions and source code (maintained with Subversion) are available from the project home page.

If you want to be notified of future upgrades, you can subscribe to the (low volume) copperexport-announce mailing list.

The list of requested features, which are likely to appear in one of the future versions, can be found in the Features request page. Feel free to add your own!

If you find what you think is a bug, please submit it to the Bugs page.

System Requirements

CopperExport for iPhoto requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later and iPhoto 4.x-7.x. iPhoto 2.x may work, but has not been tested. Versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.3 will certainly not work.

It has been tested with Coppermine 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 1.4.0 through 1.4.13. Older versions may work, but have not been tested.


CopperExport was written by Diego Zamboni. It is based on the FlickrExport plugin by Fraser Speirs. Many thanks to Fraser for an excellent piece of code, and for releasing it as open source.

CopperExport, just like FlickrExport, is released under the BSD License.


Home Page:
BerliOS project page:

Page in MacUpdate, VersionTracker, Freshmeat.

BerliOS Developer Logo


CopperExport is completely free and open source. If you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation to support its development, please use the buttons below.

Make a PayPal donation:

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ChangeLog and news


* Version 0.5.0

Main changes:

* Works with iPhoto7 (part of iLife’08)

* Tested on both PPC and Intel platforms.

* Added server-side patches for Coppermine versions up to 1.4.13.

* Fixed an old-standing bug that would prevent uploads in some cases, producing an HTTP 406 error (thanks to nonplus for the patch).


* Version 0.4.0

Main changes:

* Built as a universal binary – should run in both Intel- and
PPC-based Macs (I haven’t tested it on Intel).

* Allow saving a default resize size, which will be automatically
applied to all pictures from then on.

* Allow removing items from the list of photos to upload, directly
from the export dialog. This removes the photo only from the
upload list, not from the library (of course).

* Reverted back to using the original filename for uploading to
Coppermine, rather than a generated unique ID, which was harder
to interpret and to handle manually on the server.

* Added patches for xp_publish.php for Coppermine 1.4.3.

* CopperExport now has an installer, so no manual fiddling with
the iPhoto plugins is necessary anymore.

* Distribution is now in the form of a disk image.


* Version 0.3.0


* Images in non-JPEG image formats are automatically converted
before uploading.
* Thumbnail generation made much faster.

(the changes above are courtesy of Fraser Speirs through FlickrExport 1.2.6.)

* Added patches for xp_publish.php for Coppermine 1.3.3 and
* Somewhat improved error reporting (in the GUI and in the console


* I have released the changes needed for the xp_publish.php file in Coppermine 1.4.1beta. See the download section above.
* I have turned off comments on this page to keep it from growing too long. For posting comments, please use the forums now.


* CopperExport was included in the CD of the April, 2005 issue of the French UniversMAC magazine. Thank you!

2005-02-24 Diego Zamboni <copperexport>

* Version 0.2.1.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed security vulnerability in my modifications to
xp_publish.php, which did not properly quote the input. It is
very important to install the fixed version of the file!
* Error messages are now also printed to the console log in
addition to being shown in a dialog, to aid in reporting.

2005-02-04 Diego Zamboni <>

* Version 0.2.

Main changes:

* Allow setting the description for new albums (requires an
additional server-side patch to the xp_publish.php file, see the
* Improved checking and cleanup of URLs (you can omit the http://
at the beginning, and properly handles a slash or “/index.php”
at the end).
* Improved error checking and reporting.
* Conversion to Latin1 encoding for proper interpretation by
* Populate keywords correctly (they were always set to empty).
* Made changes to support iPhoto 5 (code by Fraser Speirs).
* Fixed bugs in handling of repeated album and category names.
* Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

2005-01-24 Diego Zamboni <>

* Version 0.1: initial release of CopperExport.


I have removed the original comments from this page to keep this page reasonable. You can still view them here. For new comments or feedback, please email me directly or use the forums.

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