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GEOS download files for C64/C128 – Back in its day, GEOS was a very capable graphical O.S., which managed to do amazing things on lowly 8-bit hardware. Now you can get the files for free, to play with in any of the available C64/C128 emulators (or on real hardware, if you still have it). (tags: c64 c128 software commodore geos nostalgia )

Supercataloger 128

January 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Now here’s a blast from the past: the article (my first publication!) and code for “Supercataloger 128″, a program I wrote for the Commodore 128 to keep a catalog of the content of your floppy disks, which I submitted to COMPUTE!’s Gazette . They accepted it, but at a whopping 282 lines of code (plus [...]

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