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Ten ways to anger your IT department (and maybe get fired)

August 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment

This article in WSJ (courtesy of Lifehacker) describes several ways to get around restrictions placed by your IT department at work. I cannot believe the article seriously suggests some of these things. Storing your work files online and forwarding your work email to your personal email account are only the two that I found most appalling.

Security policies are there for a reason. You could get fired for not following them. You could damage your company, your reputation and your career. And in any case, these suggestions are a sure way of getting your IT people angry with you. And really, you do not want that. Remember, IT personnel and secretaries are two groups of people with whom you always want to be in good terms.

Check the comments at the Lifehacker post for many more similar (and some contrary) opinions.


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