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Fixing character encoding problems with iWeb pages – In trying iWeb, I noticed that accented characters were displayed incorrectly. It seems the problem is that my web server (over which I have no control) is setting the encoding to Latin1, whereas iWeb pages are encoded in UTF-8. The fix is simple: in .htaccess, specify the correct encoding (tags: howto iweb utf-8 macosx )

PocketModMac: MacOSX PocketMod Generator Via Print Dialog – A cool way of printing in PocketMod format from any MacOSX application (tags: pocketmod macosx tools productivity printing )

Big Nerd Ranch Weblog PagePacker makes pocket-sized books – Little gem of an app to put anything into PocketMod format. Despite the warnings in the page, the downloadable version is not expired, and it works fine in Leopard. (tags: pocketmod productivity macosx tools howto )

El Tramo » Building Fancy DMG Images on Mac OS X – How to build fancy disk images (with background images ,etc.) on Mac OS X, plus some ways to automate the process from the command line (tags: macosx dmg image howto reference )

Tim Dysinger Installing GIT on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – Instructions for building git from source, a link to the pre-built git installer package, and (most valuable for me) a list of interesting configuration settings for git. (tags: git howto tutorial macosx tips programming )

Adding growl notification to Raymond Page’s bash prompt code

September 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Update (2008/09/10): Giles Orr kindly pointed out that he is not the author of the bash prompt package I use, I have updated to give proper credit to the author, Raymond Page.
For some time I have used Raymond Page’s bash prompt code (heavily based on the work by Giles Orr in the Bash Prompt HOWTO, [...]

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Fixing’s recent mail addresses problem

September 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

I had noticed for a while that somehow my’s “recent mail addresses” list was not updating (I never seemed to get any of my recently used addresses in Quicksilver). Today I noticed the following error message in /var/log/system.log:
Mail[365]: AddressBook failed to save: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=259 UserInfo=0×10c9a810 “The file MailRecents-v4.abcdmr€ could not be opened [...]

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Tags: · · – 10.5: Repair Time Machine after logic board changes – Great tip on how to reassociate a Time Machine backup with a new machine, so that it continues backing up on the same time line, without creating a new backup set. TM backups are keyed by the machine's Ethernet MAC address, so it needs to be changed for i (tags: backup hack howto leopard macosx timemachine tips )

Password Assistant | codepoetry – For some time I've thought it would be nice to be able to invoke the Password Assistant from the OSX Accounts preference pane on its own, since it is very nice to generate pronounceable passwords. Alas, it seems I was not the only one, someone did it alre (tags: cocoa cool hack macosx password security tools )

How to add emacs-like keybindings to MS Word – This really makes Word less painful to use. (tags: emacs howto keyboard macosx tips word )