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Adding growl notification to Raymond Page’s bash prompt code

September 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Update (2008/09/10): Giles Orr kindly pointed out that he is not the author of the bash prompt package I use, I have updated to give proper credit to the author, Raymond Page.
For some time I have used Raymond Page’s bash prompt code (heavily based on the work by Giles Orr in the Bash Prompt HOWTO, [...]

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Fixing’s recent mail addresses problem

September 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

I had noticed for a while that somehow my’s “recent mail addresses” list was not updating (I never seemed to get any of my recently used addresses in Quicksilver). Today I noticed the following error message in /var/log/system.log:
Mail[365]: AddressBook failed to save: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=259 UserInfo=0×10c9a810 “The file MailRecents-v4.abcdmr€ could not be opened [...]

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Tags: · · – 10.5: Repair Time Machine after logic board changes – Great tip on how to reassociate a Time Machine backup with a new machine, so that it continues backing up on the same time line, without creating a new backup set. TM backups are keyed by the machine's Ethernet MAC address, so it needs to be changed for i (tags: backup hack howto leopard macosx timemachine tips )

Sending SMS through the Cablecom ( web interface (howto)

June 14th, 2008 · 3 Comments

I wanted to be able to send SMS from the command line to my phone automatically (e.g. to get notified of certain emails). I use Cablecom, which offer the service of sending SMS through a web interface to subscribers. I found smssend (a seemingly dead package, but still available in some distributions), which has a [...]

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How to add emacs-like keybindings to MS Word – This really makes Word less painful to use. (tags: emacs howto keyboard macosx tips word )

Hack Attack: Getting good with Google Reader – Very handy guide to Google Reader shortcuts. (tags: googlereader howto rss tips )

Removing all extended attributes from a directory tree

May 7th, 2008 · 24 Comments

Here’s a simple one-liner I came up with to remove all HFS+ extended attributes on all files and directories below the current one in Mac OS X. Useful before creating a tar file that will be shared with non-Mac users (tar in OSX will create additional “resource” files to store extended attributes, which when untared [...]

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Tales from the Loonybin – Demystifying Plugins – A Tutorial – Tutorial on how to write plugins for on OSX. Maybe useful some day… (tags: cocoa howto macosx plugins programming tutorial )

Grepping plist files

April 28th, 2008 · No Comments

I’m trying to track down why some of my attachments keep being downloaded to ~/Library/Mail Downloads/ even after I have set my Downloads directory in to ~/Downloads/. I haven’t found it yet, but in the process I wrote a quick script for searching for a regular expression in .plist files, converting them to XML [...]

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